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1. Halloween 2018 with Durex

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30 October 2018: “Durex wishes you a Happy Halloweenie

2. Rape Awareness Initiative

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24 September 2018: Comedian Bill Cosby will go to jail for three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

“He was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, a former administrator at his alma mater Temple University, at his Philadelphia-area home in 2004. More than 50 other women also have accused him of sexual abuse going back decades.

“Cosby, who was found guilty in April, is the first celebrity to be convicted since the start of the #MeToo movement, the national reckoning with sexual misconduct that has brought down dozens of powerful men in entertainment, politics and other fields,” says David DeKok of Reuters.

Design Material Credits: Wine Glass by Plainicon on Flaticon. Poster made with Canva


3. Batu Caves News Report

30 September 2018: KUALA LUMPUR: Hindu temple and tourist site Batu Caves saw its steps receive a colorful makeover during last month’s Raksha Bandhan festival celebrations. Chairperson Nadarajah and his Batu Caves Sri Mahamariamman Temple Devasthanam committee headed the initiative.

The 272 freshly painted steps have evoked an array of emotions throughout Malaysia. The change sparked reports in the Star Online, the Malaysian Insight, Business Insider, and dozens of other publications throughout South East Asia.

Some people think of these renovations as an incredible move made by the Caves Committee to attract international tourists. However, others argue that the renovations are disrespectful to their religion and national pride.

Our 2-minute video story will throw light on both sides of the controversy. We will open with the 20-second reel of two tourists exploring the site and offering comments on how they feel about the colorful steps. Then, we will interview two authorities for 45 seconds each, preferably from the committee, each for and against the change. We will end with a 10-second wide-angle shot of the site and prompt the audience to offer their comments on our social media handles.

The intended audience would be religiously-inclined Hindus and the Indian population of Malaysia as Batu Caves is considered a national heritage site. This news will also be targeted towards the tourists and other regular visitors of the temple. It will educate them about the change and keep them updated with the ongoing controversies.

The story is newsworthy because it contains the elements of impact (all Malaysians are affected as they have opinions on managing the national religious monument), proximity (it is near to the capital city and emotionally close to citizens’ heart), and currency (the event has been reported by major news outlets around the continent: it’s a trending topic, at least regionally).

We propose to release it on a Saturday night when many families have been observed tuning in for cultural programs.


4. “Australia Kills Sharks”



25 September 2018: “Four large sharks have been killed in Australia after a woman and a 12-year-old girl were attacked at a popular Great Barrier Reef tourist spot,” Straits Times reports from Sydney.

The report quotes a Fisheries Queensland spokesperson saying Sunday, ‘While sharks of this size are potentially very dangerous to humans, it is unclear if they were responsible for injuries caused to two swimmers.’

[The latest shark to be caught] ‘has been humanely euthanised and will be taken further out to sea for disposal.’

The article mentions, “Many conservationists and marine scientists object to killing sharks, and insist that drum lines are a blunt instrument because they often catch other creatures.”

Design Material: Shark fins from KissPng at http://www.kisspng.com/

Read the article: http://bit.ly/2MWGoJx

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