By Manik Rege

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Dear Pink,

I like you. Is that a bad thing?

I mean, whenever I select a pink T-shirt or a purple toy, mum snatches it away and gives me a weird look.

I’m told it’s meant for girls and not for boys like me.

Who decides this? If you know any government body that makes these strange rules, please tag them here. I’d really like someone to explain the logic behind- ‘Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys.’

I’d also like to know why boys shouldn’t cry, wear makeup, be sensitive with friends and do so many things we feel like doing all the time.

I’m old enough to know that our bodies are not exactly the same as those of girls. I accept the fact that girls and boys have different physical needs. But when it comes to human emotions, I think we’re all one and the same, aren’t we?

We all feel pain and love, regardless of our gender, sex, colour or religion. We all get hurt and we all cry, don’t we?

…That brings me to my main question. If a man and a woman both go through their own type of trauma and problems, why is only one of them shown consideration while the other is assumed to be a weak and helpless human being?

I mean, people seem perfectly okay with a girl sobbing on the street. But put a boy in her place and the reactions change.  

I’ve also never seen the media throw light on the stories of hundreds of boys who lose their childhood to paedophiles and monsters.

Don’t boys deserve justice, too? Or have people assumed that men can only commit the crime but never be the victims in need of help?

Oh, I’m sorry; I totally forgot. All men are dogs, aren’t they? All we guys think about is sex and drugs. We don’t have any feelings whatsoever. We’re wild animals who deserve to be punished and put down, right?

Well, if that’s the attitude people have towards my gender and if they think of all men as monsters and dogs, then I pity those people and their filthy attitude. They’re the shameful truth about our modern society.

It’s a shame that 1 in 7 men (source: will be victims of severe domestic violence every year. It’s a shame that we will do nothing to help them out.

It’s a shame that tens of thousands of men (source: will commit suicide this year, just because they fear that speaking out for their safety will tarnish their image in the society.

It’s a shame that a man is not allowed to express his pain like a normal human being, just because he fears being labelled as ‘gay,’ ‘girly’ and weak.

People need to know, and people need to know this now- Men feel pain just like women do. Although we don’t face the same issues as those of our female friends, we go through our own set of physical and mental problems, too.

If we need to build a truly equal society, we should learn to respect people for who they are as human beings, and not for the gender, caste or colour they represent.

I just hope someday in the future, boys like me will not be ashamed to confess their love for the colour ‘pink.’

I hope there will come a time when men can be sensitive without being judged.

I hope colours, careers, and fashions will break the walls of gender to make way for the world where people are recognised and respected not as women or men but as truly equal human beings.

Until such a time, I promise to keep breaking the stereotype by wearing you with pride.

Your fan for life,

Manik Rege

*Support the male sensitivity acceptance movement with the #MenInPink*

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